Coaching for today’s world

As a coach, my work is to bring forth the brilliance already existing within individuals, teams, and businesses.

My practice integrates positive psychology, life coaching and career coaching: blending strategic frameworks from the business world with leading psychological research to help people flourish.
Whether personal or professional, the key to growth is to focus on the fundamentals: 
What are your strengths?
What is your purpose?
How will you win in this environment?
Where can you elevate and pivot, if needed?

If you feel like you’ve squandered opportunities in the past, or made bad decisions, it’s fine. What successful leader hasn’t? A winning strategy is based on a series of decisions made over time. Together, we’ll continue to ask the right questions leading to the right goals, within a framework designed to evolve as you grow.

Business strategy
for growth:
looking ahead

Sometimes the path is a little too clear, and it’s time to explore a new one.

I help companies identify adjacent opportunities to grow their existing business into an ecosystem of value over time. Many businesses have everything they need, they just don’t see it that way. Taking a strengths-based approach, I design strategies to apply resources toward what customers genuinely want. This allows us to avoid over investing in fads or focusing too much on the competition.

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